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Professional studio of Microblading, Permanent make up and 3D Lashes in Orlando, Fl



Microblading is a revolutionary and hand crafted semi-permanent tattoo-like technology that uses a disposable tool with superfine sterile needles (microblade) dipped in to pigment to create the illusion of the hair strokes. I do draw customized hairstrokes design to compliment your face features. This procedure allows reconstructing based on golden ratio measured brows or patchy brows or total alopecia brows into perfect always in fashion arches, almost undetectable. On average, the result lasts 12-24 months, fades gradually and is totally transforming your life by skipping endless morning routine for creating symmetrical brows into 1 minute brow pencil work ! Semi-permanent makeup is an ART and depending on many factors clients’ results may vary. While generally the result is awesome and retention is great, there is no guarantee that each client will benefit from this procedure. It is important for you to understand that I will do my best to create. Gourgeos (twins, not sisters brows) but it is up to the client’s skin to retain it or not . Results of this incredible treatment will depend on the client’s skin type, texture, maturity and oiliness, exposure to the sun, hormones, etc. Microblading is extremely natural looking corrective paramedic procedure and on dark haired clients it might look lighter than their natural hair color (at this point brow make up is strongly suggested) and it could look like the client needs a touch-up while she actually may not need it. Microblading does not replace the need to use brow products but it gives u the perfect shape to fill in and enjoy all the time your gourgeos face. 


Eyelash extensions have become a beloved beauty secret to women of all ages over the past several years. They enhance the natural look of the eye, bringing youth and radiance to one’s appearance. Eyelash extensions are strands of synthetic hairs individually adhered with a special adhesive to one’s own lash that add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Extensions are applied onto the eyelash itself and never come in direct contact with one’s skin.Pumper yourself with the most requested service on the beauty market today.


Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyeliner, ombre brows effect, fuller lips, scars covering and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of age, diseases, such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy etc. Benefits Of Permanent Makeup are endless it Restores confidence, it is Safe, comfortable, casual and convenient and the most important Waterproof, and won’t smudge or rub off. Maintain flawless makeup and look fresh 24/7. It’s a smart investment into your bright future.



There are many people out there trying to hide or cover old permanent makeup. If you’re one of these individuals, you’re not alone. Here at Lash beauty and brow in Orlando, Florida, we’re proud to offer a safe and organic solution. Our tattoo and permanent makeup removal services feature the world’s first and only hypertonic saline solution, containing no cancirogens or chemicals that have FDA warnings. Don’t destroy your skin with using chemicals or lasers! Go with this completely natural technique of creating a superficial, controlled scab, which is our body’s natural way of healing pigment when the scab falls off. Other companies claim to be the best, but this unique and high-quality process was developed by scientific company spent many years for deep research. As the best saline removal product on the market, our tattoo and permanent makeup removal solution includes the finest sea salt available from around the world, guaranteeing a filtering process that makes the product as pure as possible, with preserved aloe to give the best stability and results. Why go with the rest when you can have the best tattoo removal product on the market? Contact us today for more information. 6-8 weeks of healing required between treatments. Several treatments may be need to achieve great result but it depends from person to person. 

The highest quality service and extremely natural looking result is garanteed

Our profession is our big passion!

The newest equipment

From certified manufacturer allows to achieve the very precise results


Check our reviews! Happy clients recommend us to their family and friends and keep coming back for new services again and again

Team of proffessionals

We only have highly educated, certified, insured team members with international level of education


We use only best on the market, sterile, disposable materials

Painless permanent make up

We use the best numbing products to comfort you during the procedure

Real works

No photoshop! Not only freshly done works but also healed, beautiful results

“I am very blessed to do what I love. And very excited to share my career story with you. Microblading is my ART, PASSION AND PHILOSOPHY”

As a Hairstylist, licensed since 2009 in Europe and 2013 in USA I’ve always loved to change ladies ‘ lives , transforming their total overlook, and even those days I saw how significant the face features are changing with good eyebrows but when Microblading came along it took over my business all together! Incredible way to enchance your beauty! Absolute beauty perfection! While I always maintained my clients brows, dying it with Henna and waxing it was ultimately frustrating waiting for over plucked brows or bald spots from past damage to grow back in… but now…. I can fix it in one Microblading session! it’s complete perfection….. for the brows you were always dreaming about, the breathtaking beauty. As Microblading is becoming more popular many people will be offering it however, Microblading is not a job you choose, it’s a very detailed ART. Do a good research, go through my before and after treatment photos, please do read the rewies and check my social media pages! Every picture I post is my work.  I look forward to create unique brows to compliment your natural beauty! I have worked hard to make the answers you need available on my site! Then click the booking tab and get on my schedule, plan in advance I am pretty booked all the time.

Precious Lashes and Brows owner, Eva Ivolga


Check my Before and After treatment photos

Check what our happy clients are saying !

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking


I got my brows with microblading done by fantastic Eva, my story is long and sad, originally they were hi jecked by another tattoo artist and I was crying and dying for one year , she was extremly honest with me and first strongly recommended laser removal after they healed in few months she tried to do her best and the outcome is beautiful! !! I am very happy and excited about them now, please girls do a serious research before letting anybody touch your face, Eva is outstanding and I am blessed to be saved with her magic skills.

Elmira Brandt


I got my lash training with Eva though I had to wait for a couple months, as she is extremely busy all the time, her training was extremely deep in knowledge, it was one by one not like in other places, she made me work so hard I was even feeling frustrated, but now I feel super confident and my speed in lashing is very good, she is still supporting me after training and always open to any help and tips to make my work easier and better) can t say enough how thankful I am for meeting that person in my life and my career was never so successful, strongly recommend for people who are looking for a quality training !

Oksana Bystray


I was trained by Eva for my microblading course, it was my second and so far the best training, she has a very professional attitude and deep knowledge, I didn’t even learnt half on the previous course, and it was hard from one side as I had to perfect my skills all day all night but know I feel so confident and do a very good job!!! If you are looking for a true advanced level education, this person is defending the best choice !!

Kimi Almeida


Do you want to learn modern, always on demand, highly payed profession and become a well payed top notch specialist?

If Yes, you are in a right spot!

Trainings in Eva Ivolga’s perfection of your beauty academy is a total succes for those who are seeking for amaizing, highly requested and big opportunities for future in beauty industry career. We are inviting you to attend our courses to master your existing skills or learn it from the beginning! Hurry up as we get full really fast, amount of spots is limited, some trainings require only person to person education.

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Eyelash extensions are the fastest growing and the most demanded service in the beauty industry today. You can’t imagine how the transforming , empowering and giving enthusiasm to the ladies this service is! Estheticians who offer eyelash extensions are able to grow their businesses and increase profits. Right now it is a better time than ever to enter the industry. Your profit will be surprisingly rapid and constantly growing.

Our Basic Eyelash Extensions certificate course is only two days and specifically designed for the beginners who either have no experience in eyelash extension application, or those who have worked in the industry for less than a year and would like to polish their techniques on the basics of both basic and volume application.

Make deposit for Eyelash Training

This class is ideal for students attending colleges, universities, and stay at home moms who would like to have extra income as well as work on their own schedule.

The Eyelash Extension industry is blooming right now. Beautiful, long lashes have always been popular and the demand for luxury lashes doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away any time soon. If you are in the beauty industry or simply searching for a job that allows you to work on your own schedule – eyelash extensions are a wonderful option. Beauticians can increase their list of services and cater to more clients.
Average price for new full classic set-$159-230
Average price for refill-$75-120
Average time frame for client to come back -3-4 weeks( and ladies are addictive to lashes))
Average time of session -1.5-2 hoursEyelash Extensions Training in OrlandoEstimated earnings
$1200 per week ( 1 client per day)
$2400 per week ( 2 clients per day)
Learn directly from Russia’s talented master, trained both in Europe and in the USA ;
Grow clientele by providing in-demand beauty service;
Grasp on leading marketing tools of the industry;
Permanent discount on all products and future classes;
Certificate of completion;
Continuous support for six months and if u need more)
$999 kit not included

Duration – 2 days (14 hours , theory 35 hours)

Start to earn $2400 per week


Probably  you have learnt about me sufficiently and love my works and my persistent in given the high quality education in the field which is considered to be paramedical and is so important to be learnt in a proper way! I love my profession and the people with whom I work, and I love my students and want to be sure they will succeed in this area! I hate rush and speed in getting knowledge, you have to be smart, thirsty for tons of knowledge, hardworking with your practice assignment and huge amount of homework, if it is all about you, so you are welcomed to our academy, I don’t believe in one /two days training,to get quality knowledge you need time and dedication. THAT is exactly why you should train with me. My classes are hybrid, this means for 2- 4 weeks you will need time to absorb huge amount of information in theory so you will get your online modules to prepare yourself to hard core in person with me) do tests, draw more than 200 hundred of eyebrows( yes! You have to learn how to draw beautiful eyebrow shapes, customized for different face features ( art skills is a plus). So very small groups are only trained, to give you the Individual attention, answer all your questions, check your skills, you will NEED to be concentrated, self motivated and patient for getting one of the best professions nowadays, I will show all my tips and tricks how to build a successful path to your dream job destination!

Make deposit for Microblading Training

This is what we cover

Anatomy, Bone and Skin structure. Golden ratio in measuring face features, sanitation, state law requirements and steps of sterilization and cleaning. Using or not using the autoclave. Medical degree sanitation liquids, and steps of cleaning before sterilization, shots you have to do to protect yourself from cross contamination. Prior procedural set up and healing aspects. Contradictions. Hygiene standards and safety requirements.
The basics and few approaches of eyebrow reconstruction, eyebrow shapes and rules. Stroke perfection and depth to maintain strokes, manual shading, ombre manual brows. Paper exam, artificial skin exam, 3 mannequin exams, nobody told you it is gonna be easy. Truly one of the most important issues. How to measure, not to get ugly uneven  brows, How to use your measuring tools such as golden ratio caliper, prof stencils, thread etc. Different needles and blades, pigments and color theory. Common problem areas, retaining pigment, Q&A at least two live models  to work on! One month of truly deep education (once a week 1 hour Skype meeting for online module  and in person 2 days full ( from 9.30 till 4.30 ) extra  classes are available for additional price, you will also receive a microblading starter kit, which includes:

12 disposable Microblading needles

4 essential medical grade  Microblading colors

3 correctors to mix for perfect retention

Pain relieve numbing cream
Practice blade

Artificial skin (2 sheets)  for practice and homework assignment 
bussiness plan.

Wholesale supplies to buy things for honest prices. Pigments, several brands aftercare for different types of skin blades with different configurations so u can learn different techniques. Brands with phone numbers and sites to order everything to make you career start smooth and easy. Help  and support 24/7 with Licensing and procedures.

Training covers Microblading, it covers Instagram  business practices, Facebook public page creation, how to get started, what to do for your bussiness name, logo, etc. I am very honest and willing to help you with all the areas to be involved and making you successful and as you can see social media is a key to develop a steady business.

First send me an e-mail with the proof of deposit for training! Currently booked for few weeks in advance! Additional blades and supplies are available for sale the day of your class. Be ready as u will get busy really fast!

Cost of training

$ 2700


Duration – 2 days (14 hours, theory 75 hours)

***Deposit is non-refundable. Understand this holds your spot for your full amount of classes of individual training.Final payment day of 1 class is non-refundable as well. Thank you for your interest in our academy!

Become a microblading specialist


Microblading orlandoThis course was specially designed for those newbies who didn’t t learn enough crafts from previous places and schools and now struggling with basic  things and not satisfied with their current result. We do believe that continuous education should not cost an arm and a leg and yes sometimes it is harder to teach somebody with some knowledge than from the zero level, but we do know how many ladies just give up after poor education or not enough practice. This course is personalized for every individual it is one to one ( Maximum 2 students in the group), so we spend together full day and work on your weak points, keeping working on the things you need the most, we skip the strong skills which you perform before the actual training on practice, we share all the advanced tricks and tips to make your working session a smooth procedure without any struggleships and nervous moments. It is perfect for those who wants to jump to a new level in Microblading industry, for ladies who think they are not talented enough but it is just lack of education. For those who wants to invest in their current Microblading business without paying tons of money.
Financing is available for those who qualify .
Duration – 1 day (7 hours, theory 10 hours)
For 1 full day of perfection training , student brings all his existing tools and materials.
Tattoo license , proof of previous training  and bloodborne pathogen certificate are must have by the day of training.

Make deposit for Microblading Perfection


This course is for those who is dreaming about working new generation digital machines for creating semi permanent feather Brows, ombre lips and flawless liners, this is the best skill to add to your Microblading services as Microblading treatment is not for every type of the skin.
We will teach you the color theory which is different from Microblading , we will teach you essential art skills and artist level drawing so you will enjoy your new career without ugly mistakes on ladies faces .
You will be able to perform services not only on brows but also on lip area and eyes.
We strongly suggest for every person , entering the world of Permanent make up learn as many techniques as possible, to perform the modern , up to date services in a most beautiful and professional way!
3 days class – $3000
Duration – 3 days (21 hours, theory 75 hours)
Kit is sold separately but all the essential equipment is provided by academy to practice in the class.
Heavy practice  and steady hand, good posture are the key things for your success and we will make sure, it will be taught to you.

Become a Permanent Make up specialist


This is one of the most requested services today as we can see how many unlicensed and non professional people are ruining ladies faces with poor level skills. During one day course we will cover skin structure and reasons of bad results and sanitary norms, prediction of the final result, most preferable products in every unique case, safety, contradictions, review of most popular products on the market, etc. We teach you to work with three top rated, safe for client, gentle, organic removers tobe sure that u can help not only victims of somebody ‘ s experiments, but also fix up some small imperfections during your work process, so nothing can ruin your professional reputation (hard to build!) and give you this secure feeling of protection when you are new in Microblading / micropigmentation industry.

1 day training -$999

Duration – 1 day (7 hours, theory 10 hours)

Financing available. Previous experience in PMU industry is must have!

Become a Tattoo removal Specialist


Details & Payment
Thank you

Read Cancellation and Booking Policy below the form BEFORE to set an appointment!

Cancellation and booking policy

Must read before booking a session with me!

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE VERY IMPORTANT INFO AND MY STRICT POLICIES PRIOR TO BOOKING YOUR CESSION WITH US, THIS IS ESSENTIALLY IMPORTANT TO VALUE OUR BUSSINESS AND TIME *ONLY CASH ACCEPTED FOR BALANCES DAY OF PROCEDURE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Microblading $400 for all clients booked up till May 2017 … Price as of April 2017 is $550 Touch up’s PLEASE NOTE Clients are completely responsible for scheduling their touch up sessions in advance. no exceptions. Book when you book your initial session AND plan ahead for your future sessions. Discounted mini touch-up within 12 weeks for $150 ( Clients responsibility to book this session in advance and within timeframe ) As of April 2017 $100 Additional touch up if needed…. 3 to 12 months $250 ( again for all future touch up’s it is the clients responsibility to book these in advance! ) *After 12 months cost is full price, no exceptions *Touch up’s are only available if initial Microblade was performed by OFLANDO LUSH BROWS otherwise it will be an initial session and previous Microblading at other place does not Garantee good result. A $99 NON-refundable deposit is taken when booking your procedure to hold your time spot for Microblading or other services on that specific date. Rescheduling will require an additional deposit and most likely putting on a Vasi ting list. After booking your appointment online the system does not charge you anything but it is necessary for my cancellation policy. You will be sent the link to pay your deposit after booking. Consultation is a part of Your Microblading / PMU appointmentAND is TWO HOURS IN TOTAL appointment. During the appointment when you arrive you fill out paperwork, will be getting the Numb, we discuss and consult, draw personalized shape and take pictures even prior to the procedure. We are getting extremely busy in our schedule and are booked in advance So NO consultations are OFFERED SEPARATELY FROM the appointment, no exceptions. Cancellation Policy. MUST READ For all appointments. 24 hour Cancellation notice is required to cancel your appointment. You MUST do this yourself online, not by email, text or call. Your $100 deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions, we are super responsible about giving the best quality services , our clients are extremely responsible for booking the time and date, thank you for understanding)! If you fail to cancel your appointment in this time frame you will be charged half of your balance due of your session, no exceptions. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment you will be charged full appointment price, no exceptions. A new full price deposit will be required to reschedule. If you are over 15 minutes late to your appointment you will be charged a late cancelation fee of half of the amount of your session. No Exceptions on policy. By booking your session ORLANDO LUSH BROWS and clicking the booking tab you acknowledge that you have read this policy, additionally Style Seat the booking system that you are directed to will confirm the same acceptance. Our scheduling is very structured AND strict. Valuing ours and yours time is essential to maintain a nice and highly professional atmosphere in our office ! Thank you for reading and understanding our policy , can t wait to give you amazing service at ORLANDO LUSH BROWS) P.S we are not safe environment for pets and kids( the same as at the tattoo salons)) so be sure not to bring the small and beloved ones with you) it is medical level facility ) better safe than sorry) thank you for understanding )))


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